Measurement of the water quality (Englisch)

Here you can find the results of our measurement of the water quality:


How much pollution do our rivers tolerate and where does it actually enter the water? We are going to start the dialogue.
Novel sensor systems with online data logging enable an unprecedented data availability for water quality testing.

By operating a s::canTM measurement setup on a boat, it is possible to record a nearly complete concentration profile of the organic contaminants (COD, BOD5, TOC), nutrients (NH4, NO3, K) and the basic parameters pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen during the whole journey. With this setup, variations in the concentration become visible which allow us to trace water-polluting discharge points and to document them as well as relay them in a way that has never been possible in the past.

These activities will be used to directly communicate results and possible environmental problems to the public. Additionally, we will provide local action groups, environmentalists and decision-makers with high resolution data that would usually require a significant funding for measurements.

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